Full interior refurbishment service

Bus, Coach and Rail seat re-upholstery - the foundation upon which the business was established back in 1989. It is consequently one of our core competencies and we pride ourselves on its perfection in every detail.

We offer seat and interior refurbishment services in a variety of finishes – a cost effective way to rejuvenate the look of any vehicle.

  • Moquette
  • Leatherette
  • E-Leather®
  • Genuine Leather
  • Embroidery
  • Full Interior Refurbishment


Considered by many as the natural choice for bus, coach and rail seating material, moquette has a proven track record in the transport environment due to its durability, comfort, vibrant designs and inherent flame retardant properties.

We stock a large selection of patterns sourced from a variety of manufacturers, most notably from our partners Camira Fabrics Ltd (formerly John Holdsworth & Co. Ltd).


Also known as vinyl or PVC, leatherette is commonly used in healthcare and community transport vehicles or on seating that may get exposed to the elements. It is economical, hard wearing and easily cleaned. We stock a wide range of colours with custom colours available to order.


Engineered from the waste of the leather industry, E-Leather® is an environmentally sustainable alternative to leatherette or genuine leather. It looks, feels and smells like genuine leather but comes on a roll thus making it economical to cut and upholster. Many colours and finishes are available which we source from UK based manufacturer E-Leather themselves.

Genuine Leather

If you want the luxury, comfort and style of genuine leather, we can offer the finest quality sourced from our partners Andrew Muirhead & Son Limited in Scotland.

Surprisingly affordable, in recent years leather has become popular in the transport industry and is increasingly seen on bus, coach and rail applications. Equipped with special leather cutting machinery, we can supply complete interior sets in a small turnaround time ensuring your vehicle is back on the road with minimal disruption to services.


If you want your corporate logo or brand to be permanently embroidered anywhere on your seat (regardless of choice of seating material), we can provide this as part of the refurbishment process.

Full Interior Refurbishment

Having new looking seats could be complimented by replacing the interior surfaces of a vehicle too. New sidewall and roof lining can give a fresh feel ensuring maximum visual impact upon entering the vehicle. Panels can be trimmed in materials to match or coordinate with the seating as well as other items such as luggage racks or toilet surrounds. New flooring and/or curtains would complete the transformation.