Seat Belts

seat belts 2A seat belt inspection is a visual inspection carried out by a suitably qualified individual either on site at Ardee Coach Trim or at the Customers Premisis depending on vehicle quantities and circumstances. The visual inspection covers the seat belt and the associated ancorage systems. 

In addition to our visiual inspection services we offer advice and service for upgrading vehicles to meet the stringent belting standards.

Please call with the particulars for quotation on inspection.

We also keep a wide range of seat belts in stock at all times.


3 point recoil lap belt with reciever

seat belts 3

Static 2 point belt and reciever

seat belts 4

Recoil lap belt and reciever

seat belts 5

All age belt with reciever

seat belts 6

A range of recievers

seat belts 7

Extended reciever

seat belts 8